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Lamb Chops © MLC

These are some recipes from our farmers (or more likely their wives!) which are tried and tested in their kitchens. If you would like to try a particular recipe and don't have the necessary cut of meat please ask your supplier; with enough notice we will endeavour to supply your requirements.

The recipes are designed to print in an A4 format so that they can be kept in a folder.

We hope to add to this list as time goes by. If you have any comments regarding a particular recipe then please contact the person who supplied it.

See below the recipes demonstrated at the Dartmoor Food and Drink Event

Many of the above recipes can be made with alternative cuts, for advice ask your supplier.



picture courtesy of MLC

How much space does the meat take up in your freezer?
Approximate guide - 3 kg is equivalent in size to a loaf of bread.
Remember all animals are different, so size of joints and cuts will vary!
Discuss your requirements with your supplier.


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